AMETEK Land help keep businesses safe with VIRALERT 3

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Sheffield based manufacturer AMETEK Land has been helping keep businesses safe with their contactless temperature scanning device. The company recently installed the Viralert 3 temperature screening system at the Hallamshire Tennis & Squash Club, in Sheffield. 

Made in the Yorkshire member AMETEK Land is a leading global manufacturer of temperature measurement and emissions control systems. The company’s growth model combines its four growth strategies of Operational Excellence, Strategic Acquisitions, Global & Market Expansion, and New Product Development, with a disciplined focus on cash generation and capital deployment.

As COVID-19 presents a considerable risk to the safe businesses, Hallamshire Club looked for a way to increase resilience to the virus entering the premises. In addition to hand sanitisers and social distancing measures, the VIRALERT 3 was installed in the reception area to screen for elevated temperatures, an indication of fever associated with COVID-19 and other respiratory infections. 

Once installed VIRALERT 3 runs in automatic mode, reducing the need for an operator. The temperature scanning device also includes AMETEK Land’s industry-leading thermal imaging technology to screen visitors at the point of entry. Unlike handheld thermometers which compromise social distancing requirements, VIRALERT’s automatic screening system scans from a distance to help keep users safe.

If a visitor does have an unusually high temperature, the device provides automatic visual and audible alerts. On top of this, it is also easy to install and use with benefits such as automatic face detection, and the gold standard for accuracy of measurement, by using an integrated black body source. This gives real-time calibration and assured accuracy in one simple to install unit. 

Tom Murton, General Manager at the Hallamshire Club said: “VIRALERT 3 has given us greater confidence opening the indoor facilities at the club, knowing that we have taken the necessary precautions to keep our members and staff safe.”

Made in Yorkshire sat down with Christopher Leonard from Ametek to ask why the device would be suitable for manufacturers, he said:

“Anything we can do to help a manufacturer avoid being shut down in these challenging times is vital to get the economy and life in general back to normal as quickly as possible. Greater resilience is needed, we are a manufacturer ourselves, and it is not possible to facilitate production staff working from home so it is important that our staff can come to work safely, and the VIRALERT system is a vital part of our safety process. This device makes businesses more resilient, whilst keeping staff safe.